Expertise you want

Businesses and individuals

Over 14,000 and counting

You will benefit from my 41 years of general practice, with an emphasis on labor and employment matters. I am one of a handful of Central Pennsylvania lawyers with a Masters Degree in Labor Law. Does your current attorney bring this level of expertise to your legal matters?

I have created and counseled business organizations of every description for over 40 years. I have litigated cases for and against business organizations. We speak the language of business people and understand the stresses affecting today’s businesses. You will not be abandoned after your business has been created. Individuals needing legal help are given the same high degree of attention.

As of August, 2011, my appearance has been entered in 13,577 cases filed in the York County Prothonotary’s office. I have appeared in hundreds of cases in Central Pennsylvania in county and federal courts, as well as state administrative proceedings, such as Unemployment Compensation. That averages out to one case every day of the year for 41 years. No other solo practitioner comes close.

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