I do not believe in the status quo. This is just an ugly word which describes an unwillingness to allow a potentially unpalatable situation to remain in play. Aggressive lawyering means challenging authority, whether it be challenging case law authority or challenging those who interpret it, the courts. One of the many mentors who have helped me along the way was fond of saying that it isn’t possible to practice law on your knees.


I use this approach in my practice. I would like to think that all my clients would want their cases handled in this fashion. This also requires a high degree of candor with a client. No lawyer argues every issue in a case. There are some that are compelling and others not so. There are some that may seem facially appropriate but which do not pass the “giggle” test. It is my job to tell the client that. It is also my unpleasant duty to tell a client when they do not have a case. And it is my unpleasant duty to tell a client in those circumstances that I will not be able to help them.




I bring to bear every tool that a lawyer would be expected to use. A law practice cannot be maintained today without a total commitment to the electronic world. I tinker with every new piece of practice software that becomes available. Our hardware is cycled on a three year basis. I ask every client to join the march to the modern by making use of e-mail and SKYPE for face to face meetings. My wife and I travel extensively but I am only seconds away on my laptop or my Touch-Pad. I believe that 24 hour response time should be a normal practice.

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